Apartment Design

LocationKarachi, Pakistan
ClientFahim Surya

A client approached us for the complete re-modeling and execution of an apartment for his family. The family wanted us to build a spacious and luxurious space that could include almost all types of rooms that an elite house could have.

Our Solutions

Starting from the common, which is first at sight as you enter the apartment, has a set of sofas with a design wallpapered wall. Next to it is the glass dining table for family meals.

Just to the right is the kitchen which is modeled on the most modern design, incorporating black and white color scheme.

Attached to the kitchen is the spacious bedroom that holds wide sliding windows and white colored yet contemporary style furniture. The room also includes bedroom wall cupboards crafted with polished wood.

Another bedroom is located just after the ‘master bedroom’ which is designed for children. The colorful carpet and the main wall was papered with a colorful and leafy design to bring more life to the space and two single beds were placed matching the exact colors that were used in the interior. Another piece of furniture which would perhaps be the most important for children were the two study desks that we crafted.

There is another bedroom in the apartment which is just next to the master bedroom. The interior of this room comprised of a two color theme of chocolate brown and off-white color. Since this was being designed for bit older children, we put a full-sized bed, a top-to-bottom looking mirror, a dressing table and left a spot of the front wall for a 40” display screen. Just what a teenager needs!

As the project was being discussed, we found that our client’s values were comfort, space and elite looking design. So we kept the same in mind and we got the opportunity to pride ourselves with the success in this project as well.