Apartment Design

LocationKarachi, Pakistan
ClientAbbas Haider Zaidi

The only thing our client demanded from us was to design and develop something “out of the box”.

Our Solutions

From the beginning, the project was guided by the clients trust in our initial design proposal that integrated spaces and framed the landscape. It can be said that what was executed here resembles the initial sketches.

Ceiling of the hall was designed using wooden and ceramics. Tiles were designed exactly according to the landscape. A special texture wall paper was pasted on the walls of the hall, but the kitchen and sitting area’s walls were kept plain and simple. A special wooden wall with a glass rack was designed to place pots, photo frames, clocks and other decor. The rooms are linked by a corridor extending the full length of the apartment. A special pillar was designed in the kitchen where the refrigerator and oven were installed. A beautiful woodwork was done on the back of it with a mirror fitted inside.