Burger Mafia

LocationKarachi, Pakistan
ClientBurger Mafia

Burger Mafia is a ‘fictional crime-themed’ burger restaurant in DHA phase 6. The theme of the restaurant is different to the conventional themes followed by other restaurants of Karachi. Therefore, their brand is somewhat distinctive. But such a theme requires an interior that goes well with it and that’s what the clients wanted us to do.

Our Solutions

As the brand name indicates, the restaurant’s main product is burgers that are served in mafia scripted manner. And so the interior had to represent the same. The walls of the dining area were painted in white and the ceiling was painted black. The combination was inspired by the look of a criminal’s dress.

Yellow color was added to the door, the food counter and furniture cushions making the space bit more interesting. An angled wall of the lounge was painted with yellow and white vertical strips making it attractive and framed pictures and dialogs by famous criminal movie characters were placed on the wall.

On the widest wall, we placed letterings that spelled “We will make you an offer you won’t refuse” the sentence depicted the mission of the brand which was to offer such a product that their consumers that they can’t resist to try. The slogan was originally inspired by a dialog from 70’s hit American crime drama film “The Godfather”.

As for the dining, seats along the wall were placed opposed by wooden tables with chairs on the other side. Another most attracting thing was the dining that we placed in the middle dining area were the round-shaped pole tables which were able to serve up to four people each. The interior for this project was a challenge for our team and we stood up to it.