PIA Exection

LocationKarachi, Pakistan
ClientPakistan International Airline

Pakistan International Airlines is a massive organization and holds a significant position in Pakistan’s aviation industry. We grabbed the opportunity of working with PIA when they published a tender for the execution of building of their booking office in Islamabad. The objective was to implement the designs made for the office.

Our Solutions

As SID was contracted to build the office, our team quickly began planning and drafting the procedures for the execution of the plan.

The layout interior design handed to us followed the color scheme based on bronze yellow, and amazon green which were the main colors of the company logo. Walls, ceilings and furniture were comprised of woodwork with contemporary style decors.

As the requirement of the client was to have the exact fashioning of their design ideas, the team at SID was determined to make each and every detail perfectly matching the layouts. By the end of project, PIA was pleased to say that our execution was according to the standard and the quality of work was remarkable. After this, PIA has given projects for its other offices and buildings as well.