LocationKarachi, Pakistan

Rangoli Fabrics opened another store a year ago at Rashid Minhas Road. The brand dealt in printed fabrics for traditional women dresses. The requirement by the client was a complete interior of the shop which was comprised of wood material designed with a traditional theme.

Our Solutions

As the project required, SID used its expertise in wood craft and planned out the designs for several pieces that were to be made.

The Shop Entrance

The entrance of the shop was a rendering of a portico made of wood and supported by columns made of plaster. The entrance was added with spring vine design to add a traditional look.

The Desks

The desks were crafted on sturdy design to ensure durability. The structure was complimented by a round shaped spring vine design on the front depicting the traditional patterns used for ‘Rangoli’.

The Shelves

Following the traditional theme the shelves were made for bundles of fabrics to fit perfectly and in a representable manner.

The Counter

As contemporary layout is the key point of our designing work, we couldn’t forget to add a piece with state-of-the art design. This counter comprises of wooden checkered pattern and the wall behind is decorated with square design of plank gives traditional yet professional look to the cash counter.