LocationKarachi, Pakistan

Nashco Electronics is one the largest dealers of high-end Audio and Video brands in Pakistan. When they were planning to expand their franchising, they approached Surya Interiors for the design the complete design of their store. They had acquired a large space and wished to get the interiors designed in a way where they can showcase their products, exhibit their new technologies and accommodate high-end customers.

Our Solutions

Color Scheme

The interior was based on the scheme of three colors, white, brown and dark grey and the main materials were wood, ceramic tiles and glass. The floor is covered by white ceramic tiles and with a little black bordering made along the hallway.


The first thing to be seen upon entrance is the bench where customers can sit and rest. And just to the right, is the first display point that exhibits the latest screens and audio systems. A suitable place to put the latest products in so it can be seen as the customer enters the shop.


As we walk inside, the either sides of the hallway have walls installed with wall mounted shelves made of glass to carry the range of wide display screens of different sizes and brands.

The Theater

Nashco wished to provide their visitors with a live demonstration of their latest products and promotions. So we designed a small theater room. The room has theater seats to allow the observers to relax during the demonstration. The floor is covered with dark colored carpet in supporting dark ambience to improve theater experience. The room was walled by glass coated with soundproof film to stop any loud sounds from getting outside.

The Office

The office is designed with a view of meetings with high-end customers and clients. So, we changed the flooring to a greyish carpet and the pillar and beams in dark grey with frosted glass windows for light to come in and vertical window blinds to control luminosity. A comfortable sofa was also placed for attendees to wait.