Appartment Designing & Execution

LocationKarachi, Pakistan
ClientHidayat Ullah

How do you live in an apartment that is under 500 square feet? Quite comfortably if you know a good designer. Client demand was to design the apartment’s small spaces in such a way that it looks modern, stylish, and surprisingly spacious.

Our Solutions

We utilized open floor plans and keep color schemes largely neutral so that one area can flow naturally into another each of these homes creates a unified, elegant feel with plenty of places to rest, entertain, cook, and sleep. This first bedroom uses a modern wood theme paired with smooth plywood chequered wall paneling. The compact living room arrangement sets the standard for the smart space-saving solutions found throughout the home. One wall of the hall is designed with wood and the other with texture sheet. Hall was kept spacious despite placing dining table. Drawing room wall was designed with quirky glass designs. And the kid’s bedroom has a picture paintings with colorful ceiling.